Tom is gathering design specifications of the Calcomp pen mechanism. Years later Calcomp made model which used a 30″ wide drum. Note carefully the larger pin provides the “lock”. I’m also working with a tech who is familiar with AMP and similar connectors, who has individual pins for these connectors. The fuse as shown has features that delay or “slow” its operation. Another Bendix plotter , link courtesy of Mike Lowen.

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Stepper motors moved the paper drum in rotation, and the pen calcomp plotter across the pair of rails. Paper was fed from one roll and taken up on another roll. Calcomp plotter he’s still looking for an AC connector for his plotter. The cable has an outer cap that screws on the outer threads shown here. Authored by Herb Johnson. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My plotter has a similar AC jack calcomp plotter with concave AC pins.

That top has a long extrusion to accommodate modern pens and works very well. His Web pages on his Calcomp plotter provides dimensioned drawings and even an animation on the pen mechanism. The Calcomp drum plotterintroduced calcomp plotterwas one of the first calcomp plotter graphics output devices sold.


Calcomp plotter

Schematic for the interface I got from Dr. This page was last edited on 5 Julyat A solenoid could lift the pen off the paper. Calcomp plotter Most calcomp plotter revision date Calcomp plotter 23 Original Calcomp ones plottre shortestFisher space pens medium length, contemporary items and Parker pens the longest ones, various types, contemporary standard.

Here’s a series of photos of the calcomp plotter and new parts. Timing of the pulses is under software control. Note this is a 2A 3AG slow-blow fuse. In lateCalcomp plotter sent me a connector, unused. The pen was pressed by a spring against paper scrolling across the drum. Tom Mikulic and I compared notes on the Cannon pin connector. I completely recreated a solenoid and 3 assemblies for various pens.

I offered to help them repair their calcomp plotter mechanism. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He’s progressing to make a mechanism, with the help of a machinist. My notes on the mechanical measurements are below. calcomp plotter


Note carefully the larger pin provides the “lock”. Here’s are notes about the Cannon pin connector.

Plotter Pens: Fit HP, HI, & Calcomp, Roland & Compatible Plotters

Retrieved calcomp plotter ” https: Languages Norsk Edit links. One of them is actually my design and it can accommodate 3 types of “space” pens of different lengths. ByTom said to me in email; “I made an interface for parallel port and run a Turbo Pascal program on an old PC I think from ‘s. Pen plotters Computer-related introductions in Calcomp plotter The Calcomp plotter drum-based pen plotters are of interest to many vintage computerists, as it was used on many systems of the ‘s and 70’s.

Calcomp plotter solenoid pushed the pen “up” or “down” to make contact with the paper.